Friday, January 14, 2011

Steve Martin: Atheists Don't Have No Songs

This is a wonderful video. This group (including Steve Martin) have wonderful harmony. They also present a message I am sure none of us think about. Even when we sing a hymn we don't know, or like very much, or when we sing a favorite hymn, do we realize what a gift it is? Probably not. For someone like me who grew up listening to southern gospel quartets, hymn singing has always been important. Until now, I am sure that I - like many of you - have taken for granted that we have such wonderful music to sing in church (and other places). We also have plenty of "good news" to sing about (not like the song). Sunday morning - sing - loud and clear, no matter what key, no matter how well you know or like the hymn, for in the singing, you are acknowledging the gift of song, the gift of good news, the gift of hymnwriters across the ages. And - give thanks that we have plenty of "good news" to sing about!